Engineering design and consultancy is becoming evermore entwined with technology. Be it through:

  • The use of BIM technologies to efficiently drive the planning and design coordination of complex civil and infrastructure projects, which involve many seperate organisations.

  • The use of parametric design methods that enable optimisation of structural systems in response to imposed static or dynamic constraints.

  • The increasing adoption of web and cloud-based platforms to enable centralisation of design tools and increased uniformity of design processes. Whilst simultaneously, alleviating some of the burden carried by business with regards to the on-going maintenance of software licensing and in-house IT infrastructure.

  • The proliferation of cheap and accessible smart mobile devices, which are equipped with impressive processing power and the capability to intensive numerical calculations.

Our Capabilities

We have in-house capability to develop iOS, web-based and stand-alone applications.

We believe our background in engineering design and construction provides us with a specialist skillset, which many other developers cannot provide. Our experience gives us a unique capability to:

  • Assess potential opportunities for technical innovation within the civil engineering industry.

  • Encode technical complexity into software to streamline engineering design and improve productivity.

We currently have a number of apps under development, which we believe will add value to our Clients and the wider engineering community.

We are excited to work with clients, industry groups and our peers to be at the forefront of the technical revolution currently underway in the industry.

Our Apps


We have recently completed development of our first iOS app - LC Pile (London Clay Pile).

This free-of-charge app, provides a simple tool that provides engineering and construction professionals, the ability to quickly size Rotary Bored and CFA piles for their project.

The App adopts the “Traditional Working Stress Approach” as defined in the London District Surveyors Association’s Guidance Notes for Design of Straight Shafted Bored Piles.

The app is aimed primarily at engineering and construction professionals working within the London Basin. Notwithstanding, Users from other regions may also find the App to be of use for preliminary assessment of pile foundations.