terre rouge - Verdun Link Road

Terre Rouge, Mauritius

A-squared Studio supported the Mauritian Road Authority on this complex highway development. The new highway cuts through topography of high relief and drives through meta-stable residual soils derived from weathered basalt.

Mauritius' equatorial location drives intense tropical weather systems that can pose a major risk to the stability of large cuttings. A-squared carried out slope stability analysis and devised various mitigation measures to ensure the safety of the road-using public on this vital transport link.


thames tideway

London, United Kingdom

A-squared have provided geotechnical analysis and design support for a number of near-shore facilities that will provide handling, laydown and storage area, to enable construction of the Thames Tideway mega-project.

A-squared's involvement includes the detailed analysis and design of twin-sheet pile coffer dams, which incorporate tie-backs, deep fills and significant operational surcharge loading all constructed over soft fluvial clays. 


tottenham court road

London, United Kingdom

A-squared were appointed to support the Basement Impact Assessment for this challenging project.  

The substructure design caters for numerous elements of existing infrastructure including London Underground tunnels, Tottenham Court Rd Station and Crossrail assets.  

The foundation construction includes complex soil-structure interaction assessments and the installation of a unique D-shaped pile amongst other large diameter piles ranging from 1.5 to 2.4m in diameter.

Numerical modelling enabled the team to install the large diameter piles within 1.1m of the Northern Line tunnel 30 m below ground level (the closest piling operation of its kind to existing tunnels).



Brisbane, Australia

A-squared were appointed to perform a 3D finite element analysis to assess the impact of the operation of a large piling rig on the integrity of existing controlled-modulus-columns, supporting a highway embankment constructed over soft soils.


Navitus Bay Offshore Windfarm

nr Isle of Wight, UK

A-squared Studio provided high quality ground investigation interpretation followed by a turbine foundation design optimisation exercise for the large scale offshore wind farm.

The geotechnical design accounted for cyclic loading and geotechnical fatigue within complex ground conditions. As part of an ongoing value engineering study, further targeted ground investigation was proposed together with a strategically designed field trial programme.  

The collaboration between A-squared and Geo2 BV ensured the delivery of a broad optioneering exercise to aid the feasibility assessment of the project.



Copenhagen, Denmark

A-squared Studio developed the Copenhagen Citiringen Metro tender design for selected metro tunnels and station boxes. A series of ground movement analyses were undertaken in order to present a building damage assessment of buildings located within the ground movement corridor/zone of influence associated with the construction of the metro tunnel and station boxes.  In excess of four thousand buildings were included in the assessment.